Jacomo' s great floral green scent with Iris. 
Dressed in a round, black bottle, as soft as a pebble on the beach Silences is a seductive perfume where narcissus, rose and blackcurrant blossom on a base of galbanum and sandalwood. Words do not matter, its scented trail reveals all the refinement, audacity and magnetism of the woman who wears it.. Her secrets as well…  « Secrets are silences. Silences collect the body's emotions, as water captures the night's perfume at dawn. Only a few women will know this… » 

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>Fragrance : SILENCES

Olfactory family: Green Floral.
Top note: Galbanum, Narcissus, Blackcurrant.
Heart note: Bulgarian Rose, Lily of the Valley, Iris.
Base note: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Musk.

>History : SILENCES

Jacomo entrusted perfumer Serge Majoullier with the renewal of its great, feminine fragrance. "Silences is an exceptional perfume. A chyprée note was giving a dark, animal, indiscernible side to the perfume. I wanted to bring a touch of freshness and transparency while keeping the green, floral character so typical of Silences. The Chyprée, leather part fades away to better reveal notes of Galbanum and Narcissus: rich, rare and noble materials, now at the heart of Silences, which give the perfume a sophisticated trail and a signature".

>Design : SILENCES

As smooth as a pebble, its bottle is a true work of art.
Its elegant pack in a deep, black hue keeps the secret of this unique fragrance.