Set Jacomo FOR MEN + Wallet

Subtle and classy, Jacomo FOR MEN evokes masculine seduction. This clever, woody oriental fragrance unveils a real sensuality which is not too obvious.

In search of the unexpected,  a taste for adventure, open to the world… When wearing Jacomo FOR MEN, a man reveals himself little by little while still keeping a mysterious side. 

This set contains:
- Jacomo for Men (100 ml)
- a wallet 



>Fragrance : Set Jacomo FOR MEN + Wallet

Olfactory family: Woody Oriental                                        
Top note: Cedar, Black Pepper, Pineapple Leaves.                                                   
Heart note: Dried Plums, Nutmeg, Chilli, Coffee.                                  
Base note: Vetiver, Tonka Bean, Amber.

>History : Set Jacomo FOR MEN + Wallet

For Jacomo For Men, our perfumer has imagined a man who is both sophisticated and terribly masculine, secret but warm. Our fragrance opens up with the lively sparkle of cedar and green notes of pineapple leaves. Then, follow fiery spices, black pepper, chilli and nutmeg for its classy side. Sensuality escapes from oriental notes of amber and Tonka bean, updated by succulent dried plums. Its mysterious side is expressed through dark and intense notes of roasted coffee beans and vetiver.

>Design : Set Jacomo FOR MEN + Wallet

Jacomo FOR MEN, a fragrance with pure contemporary lines. Noble glass mixed with powerful metal and luminous perfume colour, Jacomo For Men plays on a contrasting note, enhancing the charisma of the man who wears it.