Set Art Collection #09 + perfume soap

#09 the most colourful chapter of Art collection by Jacomo, illustrated by Stina Persson.

A joyous creation, sparkling, for a flamboyant and generous woman who loves life. Audacious notes brings luminous colours to the perfume:lemon zest, orange pulp. To finish, the spicy warmth of cinnamon and an irresistible, mouth-watering note of praline. Pure seduction!

This set contains:
- Art Collection #09
- a perfumed soap 


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Special Price: €30.00


>Fragrance : Set Art Collection #09 + perfume soap

Olfactory family: Woody Fruity Spicy                                                  
Top note: Lemon Zest, Orange pulp, Pink peppercorns                                                        
Heart note: Praline note, Mango                                                                 
Base note: Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Vanilla

>History : Set Art Collection #09 + perfume soap

Vision, flashing images, all stopped in a heartbeat. Clicking heels, rustling stockings. Jacomo falls for Stina Persson, the curves and style of her art and her audacious take on watercolour. In response to this impertinence, comes a delicious perfume to adorn with spices the glowing woman he guesses.  Jacomo and Stina : a meeting with the look of pure seduction.

>Design : Set Art Collection #09 + perfume soap

Jacomo renews the meeting between Art and Perfume and invites its perfumers to cross their talent with three artists. All women eaux de parfums and work of art created through these meetings carry a number # 02, #08, #09. Each work of art is printed on the pack and on a tracing paper signed by the artist, inserted against the bottle. All bottles, in smoked glass, carry the colour, almost fluorescent, of their matching number: orange for the # 09, yellow for the # 02, pink for the # 08.